Major issues adding HTML content to any field - Omeka 2.5.1

This appears to be a server specific or version specific issue as I am able to perform normal editing functions on an alternative server running 2.5.
I am unable to enter any data into any field using the TinyMCE editor. I believe this to be the issue but I am not a specialist. For example the field ‘description’ in the exhibits editor appears to be editable but it takes no keyboard input. The issue exists across the installation thus severely limiting its usefulness. Omeka 2.5 runs OK on another server without this issue.
It is not a browser issue nor a javascript issue (I have tested for both)
Anyone else having this problem?

My bad - it was content blocking in both Chrome and Firefox that I was unable to turn off. Managed to turn it off in Safari. The University had not set up SSL for the site so the browser security settings prevented TinyMCE from running. Sorry to waste time and to panic. This issue is resolved