Loop no longer sorting

In my version of the Foundation theme, the loop function on items/browse.php is no longer sorting. If I switch back to the original Foundation theme or select a different theme, the sorting works as expected.

I’ve tried comparing my version of that file with the same file in other themes but haven’t found what is causing this issue. I’ve also looked at the other theme files but don’t see anything that would interfere with the loop function.

Any help with this is greatly appreciated! Thank you.

Hello, Ian.
What’s your Foundation theme’s version?

We’re using 1.0.1 right now with Omeka 2.7.1. On a different site, with that version of the theme, the problem does not occur. Thank you for your help.

Could it be a plugin problem? I’d try to deactivate all plugins on failing install, then check whether situation changes and then reactivate plugins one by one again checking whether one of them is causing the problem…

Thank you for that guidance. In the end, I overwrote with the browse.php from application/views/scripts/items/ and used that as a starting point. I did not incorporate the code from the Foundation 1.0.1 version of items/browse.php so cannot say I actually addressed the issue. However, it was enough achieve the desired outcomes.

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