Looking for a feature for displaying collections - is this possible?

I have a site with multiple collections and sub-collections. Is there a theme that takes the top level collections and displays them as thumbnails and then when you click on the thumbnail it either takes you to that collection to browse (if no sub-collections) or to a page with the sub-collections for that collection as thumbnails then you click on those to browse? We have someone that wants their site to perform this way as a visual portfolio.

The site will be updated often so I don’t want to create multiple exhibits I have to constantly manually update. I need this to work so the content in those collections automatically shows when they navigate to browse via the collection thumbnails as described above.

Should I manually do all of this using html to direct folks or is there a theme already set up to do this?

Oh, I thought I was close using featured collections in Big Picture theme on the homepage but it only lets you feature one at a time full width, not thumbnails, and no option for sub-collection navigation as I described.

I don’t know of any themes that are out there that do this by default, but it’s more something that people running particular sites that wanted to do something similar would know about.

You’re setting up subcollections with Collection Tree? I can’t think of any immediate problems with implementing something like this that depends on Collection Tree either in a theme or a plugin (something that provides a shortcode, for example).

Nicole, I am not sure I completely understood your idea, but would be this theme I’ve customized be something close to your needs? We are indeed using Collection Tree (a fork) plugin for it…

OK, So I have moved on to try to use shortcodes on simple pages to create the navigation I need from high level to sub level collections.

One issue though, I cannot turn the linking off on the image or hide the metadata (title and creator text). I only want the image and will have hyperlinked text to send them where they need to be. Ideas?

  • This works but has linking, title, and creator [items num=1 tags=tagname sort=random]
  • This did not work [items num=1 tags=baseball sort=random link_file=0] also tried link_file=false

I also tried installing the shortcode any file plugin but that didn’t work with the most basic shortcode [anyfile lid=“filename.jpg” img=true width=“250”]. I also lose the option to use tags for random images, which I like, if it did work.

I have created many simple pages using tables (you can hide the lines if you don’t care for them as I did) that uses images as the link. Here is an example for my/our site.

It is really rather easy if you think about it like it was 1995. the link (slug as it is called) is buried in the short code and the image is called there as well.

This would be great, but the admin images plugin has never succesfully installed on any Omeka site I’ve created the last few years.
Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 4.06.34 PM

And, that red message never goes away even if I try to uninstall or delete from the server.

“This is not a valid plugin” generally means there’s a problem with the folder structure or the permissions for a plugin’s files.

If you’ve never installed the plugin, that message should always go away if you actually delete the plugin’s folder and files totally from the plugins directory.

Yes, that would be the logical solution and result but alas it appears to be more complicated than that. I actually need to remove its reference from the DB, uninstalling and removing folders dis not remove the error message on the plugin page. As for why it will not install, that is a problem I am still investigating.

So I fixed the AdminImages error, removed the line from the DB and installed this version of the plugin.

Added the shortcode and now get an error message.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 1.59.18 PM

Any ideas what is going on now?

This is the image I tried to link to: Our Group, San Francisco Airport, Leaving for China · Harry Roseman: A Chronicle

I also tried [admin_image id=10319, size=thumb] and got the same error.

Admin Images runs on files you upload directly to it, so you can have files that are not attached to any item. It’s not used for files that belong to items: for those you just use the file shortcode which is built in and doesn’t need a plugin.

Note though that the id that the fileshortcode is looking for will be the ID of the file, not the item. You can look up the file ID on the admin side by clicking the file’s thumbnail when you’re viewing the “show” page for the item.

Thank you. I feel really silly right now. Sorry for wasting everyone’s time when this is already documented.