Linking MARC Relators to values (Items) using Value Suggest


Our database uses several agents (as creators and contributors). I need to start indexing TV shows, and therefore need the agents to be refined, as Host, Director, etc. I understand I can use Value Suggest to implement MARC Relators (Relator Code and Term List -- Term Sequence: MARC 21 Source Codes (Network Development and MARC Standards Office, Library of Congress)). But Value Suggest only gives me the option to fill a value with the word “director” or “Host.” I need to put an item in my database as a value (the name of the director) and then specify his or er role (as director). Does anyone have an idea how this can be done?


One option is to use a value annotation to qualify a creator/contributor value using dcterms:type. So, while editing a “TV show” item, you’d set dcterms:creator to the director item, then annotate that value as a dcterms:type “Director”.

Another option is to find a vocabulary that contains your specific properties in Linked Open Vocabularies.