Link theme and menu

Is there a way to make it so that the organization of pages and links in the Appearances-Navigation is tied to which theme is selected? Or to override the default navigation within the theme’s code?

The theme can just not use the configured navigation at all, or could make changes to it. How you’d handle that depends a little on what you specifically want to do.

The nav settings/links themselves are global, though, so they aren’t and can’t be tied to a specific theme.

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How do I set the theme to use its own navigation? We’re just trying to change some of the terms in the navigation menu, the pages are all consistent.

If you just wanted to change the default names of nav menu items, I guess you might try using a simple hack, creating a language translation file (.mo) for English, using the new names as translations. I’ve used it to change default labels for DC fields…

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