Link for the number of items for each tag seems to be removed in version 2.6: number is not clickable as hyperlink

I am now using Omeka version 2.6 after an upgrade from 2.5. I have just noticed that the link for the number of items for each tag in the tags cloud for the admin interface is not working. The number can no longer be clicked. The number has to be clicked to view all items with the tag, but the number appears only as a plain text and does not appear to be a hyperlink. This used to work in version 2.5 or earlier versions.

Is this a bug for version 2.6?


With 2.6, the Tags tab now displays the count for both exhibits and items. In order to view items with a certain tag, you need to filter to just items first - see the documentation for detailed instructions.

Oh I see. Thanks for your help.