Limiting item visibility to owned ones in logged user mode


I’ve just come to realize that Contributor role users can see all items in the repository, although they can edit only theirs. As the repository gets bigger and bigger, contributor have to browser through hundreds of items they have no power on, so I’d rather limit their list only to the items they own.
Is there any plugin already available, or a way to do it through a plugin (I’d rather not change the core code, although it would not be difficult for this specific function).


Not a plugin, but they can use the advanced item search to search by user - if they search for themselves, they will see the items they own.

Hi, @mebrett.

I see what you mean, but it’s not what I was looking for: I’d like to limit the list of Items shown to a Contributor to the Items they have been adding to the repository.

I have the feeling something similar was meant to be: if I do login as Contributor, and then from the dashboard I go to Items and click on Search for items, I will see a list of fields but not the one containing the Contributors name (something that I see if logged in as Admin); it seems like there was the idea that the Contributor would be limited only to their own Items. But this idea is then not implemented: if I choose any of the other fields, say Search by Collection, then all Items of that Collection will be shown, including the ones that particular Contributor haven’t contributed at all.

As said, the reason behind my idea is that, having several Contributors and hundreds of Items, it would make everyone’s work easier to have to deal only with their own Items.

Maybe one could just change the Quick filter, adding an extra “Only my own contributions” option; but that would prevent from using any other option, like “Featured” or “Private”. Besides, I am not sure whether that’s doable with a plugin. Or, add a checkbox, checked by default, that’s performing the same action…

I’d like to hear from you and others what do you think of this idea, and if they could give me a hint on how to start implementing it.


Bumping up this thread, as I’d like to hear from the developers whether the original idea was indeed to limit Contributors to see only their Items (and obviously any idea on how to implement it). Thanks

I have a plugin mainly to change the ownership of items, but it also changes the ACL in Omeka to allow all users to search for items by owner in the admin interface:

Omeka’s default ACL is defined here:

Perhaps, if you deny contributors browse and show rights for Items, and then allow those rights with Omeka_Acl_Assert_Ownership, it will work as you expect.

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