Limit where Tagging plugin is active?

I’m using the Tagging plugin by @Daniel_KM and I’m trying to allow tagging only on specific items. Currently, the plugin allows tagging everywhere because I have it set to allow public tagging, and, as it says in the documentation, “the plugin will add tagging form automatically on items/show page if the current user has right to use it.”

Is there a way to limit this behavior? Currently my plan is to put the items I don’t want tagged into a separate exhibition and to use a theme that is identical to my current one, but that hides the tagging form in the CSS. It will work for my purposes, but it’s not the most elegant solution. I’m hoping I’ve overlooked a more direct approach.


You probably need to change the “common/tagging.php” file (in views/public). Copy it in the “common” folder of your theme, and add some code to check if the current item may have the widget or not.

Yeah, I figured it would be something like that.

Is there a way to do it without splitting my items into two exhibits? I’ll do it if it I have to, but I’d rather have them all together so that users can browse simply.

Like, would it be possible to split them into two collections instead? And then checking the collection name before calling the tagging form?

You can add an element via item types ( and check it in the view. It avoids to sort your items in two collections.