Lightbox for bigpicture theme


we are using the bigpiture theme in one of our Omeka Classic sites and would like to change the setting for the Item show lightbox. Currently, Chocolat.js only lets you zoom in all the way in or all the way out. We would like to be able to do a gradual zoom-in function, is this possible or do we need to get a new lightbox?


According to Chocolat.js’s documentation, it seems they indeed only support one zoom level. Yes, you would need another lightbox plugin for multiple levels of zoom you’re looking for.

Thank you, Kim. Is there another you would recommend? and can you point me to direction on how we can go about changing this?

We’ve started using lightslider + lightgallery for some themes’ image viewers. I’ve start work on making them an option for Big Picture, so depending on your project’s timeline, you could wait for the next update. I anticipate a couple of weeks accounting for development and testing time.

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Hi, we’ve provided a new lightbox in the latest release of Big Picture, v1.4.1. Thank you for your patience!

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Thank you so much Kim. I will update it now !