Learning Omeka S - Beginner Workshops/Guides

Hi all,

I know there is a great online user manual, but I am wondering if there is a place to find interactive or video tutorials on how to get started with Omeka S?

I did some googling and turned up a bunch of disaggregated screen recordings and library finding guide pages, but didn’t know if these are collected somewhere.


Hi Casey,
Thanks for your inquiry. We’re in the midst of producing some introductory screencasts, but it’s slow going given all the other development and maintenance obligations the team has. We’ll post them as soon as we have them via the user’s manual. But, we too are interested in what other orientation materials might be out there that we can point to.
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Thanks @SharonLeon! We are planning a workshop for the OurNetworks conference in September, related to our Disorientations Archive project.

It will be centered around student activism, but we are going to also talk a bit about how/why we chose Omeka, and working with open source archiving tools. I think it will be a pretty interesting convo, because many of the conference attendees are working on alternative/decentralized tech structures.

If there are opportunities to collaborate with/help out your team on any educational materials, etc. – let us know! Would be happy to be in touch: gro.snoitatneirosid@disorientations.org

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