LDAP integration

There is an LDAP module that is no longer being updated due to issues (https://github.com/digihum/omeka-s-ldap), and I could not find any module listed here that deals with authentication: https://omeka.org/s/modules/

Are there any plans for this? It seems like it should be a no-brainer to provide SSO via LDAP or Shibboleth or some other means and we really, REALLY need this. Please advise. Thank you.

I’m very interested in the same module for LDAP integration.

I’ve been using the old and unactualized module and it’s an authentic pain (yes, I’m the guy that put an issue and it still continues unanswered).

Please, let me (us) know if any developer could do the LDAP module.


Very much agreed! We have been using a previous version of Omeka S where the (abandoned) LDAP module still worked, but updating to any more recent version is not possible. Even updating components on the server have broken the old module.

This is absolutely necessary for us to be able to realistically be able to make use of Omeka S on the scale that we need. I see that there is a classic Omeka plugin called “Central Auth” - this REALLY needs to be ported to ‘S’!

Wish I knew the reason why this doesn’t even seem to be considered. As far as I can tell, whomever developed Omeka-S did not even consider this. Is this something we the users are going to have to develop?

The previous module, as well as the Omeka Classic SSO plugins, all seem to be community developed. Unfortunately, it looks like that is the approach that is expected. Which means we are pretty much left waiting for a developer/team with the know-how to do it that is willing, and also has the time to dedicate to supporting it long-term. :confused:

Hello, I’m the developer of the Omeka Classic Central Auth plugin, and my predecessor developed the Omeka Classic LDAP plugin. Work was completed as our library had the need to tie into the campus authentication systems. Since like the Omeka and Omeka-S projects this is all open source software, its up to people who need features to develop them.

So far, our library only has a few users of Omeka-S so having LDAP, CAS or Shibboleth support has not been a priority. LDAP support will likely be easiest, as the Zend Framework that Omeka-S is based on already has most of the necessary code. CAS and Shibboleth are likely to be much more complex, both with the need to use external packages and to integrate with session management.

Hi, do we have plugins for multilangual site

John - I’ll be more than happy to try to take a stab at this, especially the LDAP. I’ve not really worked in the Zend Framework so is there something or some resource that can help guide me in developing this?

There is documentation about creating Omeka-S modules, but it isn’t organized very well:

One helpful thing is that Omeka-S is basically a module itself, so if it does something you can probably do it in your own module. I tend to have to browse through the Omeka-S code a lot while working on modules.

The Zend Framework site has documentation about its individual modules, including authentication:

I sometimes look for other modules that do something similar to what I’m trying to accomplish. A good resource for finding modules is this list compiled by @Daniel_KM:

For example, you may want to look at his Guest module, as it appears to be up-to-date and may do similar things:

Looks like biblibre have a module for Omeka S ^v2.0.0 https://github.com/biblibre/omeka-s-module-Ldap. I have attempted to use it on Omeka S v3.0.0 today, and it’s not compatible as of writing.

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