JSON to xml > "Prefixed elements must have namespace URIs."

Hi all,

I’m trying to use an Omeka-s JSON output (for this: http://studiecollectie.momu.be/api/items?resource_item_sets/11) into a system that’s normally converts json files to xml first.
But it fails and gives me this log information/

Started json -> xml conversion.
moments ago
Error during json processing
moments ago
Reading of entry itemsExportAPI.json failed.
Prefixed elements must have namespace URIs.

Any ideas what causes this? And if I can perhaps manually ‘tweak’ the JSON file so that it would work?


My guess would be that the json-to-xml process you’re using doesn’t correctly handle JSON keys that contain a colon. That’s very common in our JSON output because it’s used in JSON-LD, the linked data spec we use.

Maybe you could replace the colons in the keys with underscores, something like that. It won’t maintain its original meaning as JSON-LD, though.