Items not assigned to a item set or site

Is there any way to check if any items have not been added to an item set or a site? If so, which module could do this .


with the Data Cleaning module you can audit various properties. In the ‘prepare audit’ - ‘search query edit’ you can also restrict the results per item set or site.


Can you peform a query on items which are not assigned to a site or an item set and if so, how do you use the Data Cleaning module to do this? I have hundreds of items and I may have not assigned certain ones to an item set or a site. I do not want to have to plough through each item indivually. I have installed this module but I have no idea how to do the query I am talking about. Your help is much appreciated. I absolutely love Omeka S, just have a lot to learn!

I wouldn’t know, I’m a learner like you. I see that with the Data Cleaning module you can select for instance the items which have a site assigned to them. Go to the plugin’s page, ‘new audit’, and put the query ‘site_id=1’ (or whichever id your site has) to filter the items assigned to that site.

I’ve tried to build a query (with the AdvanvedSearch module installed) which selects the items without a site attached to them, to no avail:


This is supposed to select all items, with join=not method, where the site_idis eq (exactly) 0, i.e. not yours (which wil probably be 1). It still selects all the items, so perhaps someone more experienced might be able to help you better than I.

Your question sparked my curiosity and I opened a Github issue since it’d be a nice feature to have. If it’s already there, please let us know, you gurus.

I see someone is looking into your query on Gitbub. If you hear any update on this, please let me know. The facility to check items which are missing a site or item set would be perfect for me. Am so surprised it has not been done already!

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