Items in wrong site from Google Search


We are having an issue where several images that are associated with other exhibits are showing up in google searches as being linked to the wrong site as well as the correct one. For example when doing a google search for “Rathfon Inn Pilgrimage”, the first result is a link to the correct item but it displays it in one of our other sites (When the Prince of Whales Came to Niagara) that should not have access to that item! The second result is the correct site that the item should be displayed in (). How/why is the item being displayed in a site that does not have access to it? The site even has the “Restrict browse to attached items” setting turned on.

Any help would be appreciated.


Daniel Brett

Do you have possibly links to this item from things that are in the “Prince of Wales” site? Omeka S lets you follow along those links even if the item isn’t “in” the current site.

There are no direct links. We are finding quite a few items from other sites that do this as well when searched through google. It is possible that by following a chain of linked metadata some of them might be reachable but there are for sure no links directly to the items

I have looked through the site and all of its items. There does not appear to be any way to link through to any other items. At least not visibly.

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