Items are added by default to all the sites but not Item sets?

Hello everyone,

When a new Item is created, it is added by default to the item pool of all the sites, which is very practical in our case since all our sites are presenting the same content in different languages. But this is not the case when a new Item set is created: is there a reason for that, or could that be possible?

Thank you in advance!

i also try to find out how to map items to a specific site. Currently when importing items with the Omeka2 Importer the items are visible in all sites - how can i make them visible only in one site?

Thank you Best jan

Found it - I just have to go over Items sets. Omeka S is really cool!

Hi Jan. We are evaluating Omeka S, and we also don’t know how to restrict items to a site, not even after reading the documentation. As you say you have found the solution, could you be so kind to explain it step by step?

Thanks so much,


Sites themselves control what items appear in them, on the Resources page when you’re editing a site.

The Item Pool tab (the default tab for that page) lets you control which items will appear, basically by creating a saved search. If you want to pick items one by one, the simplest way is to put them into an Item Set and then just set the site’s Item Pool to only include items from that set.

Thank you, we’ll take a second look as soon as possible.