Item Type Metadata doesn't change after edit

Wondering if this is something I’m doing wrong or a glitch. We have several records for which we want to get rid of the Item Type Metadata “Text” fields. I go in and change the ITM to say “Select below” (or anything else we aren’t using, such as Email or Event) but when I save changes, the changes simply aren’t saved. More disconcerting is that if I go in to the “Text” and delete what’s there entirely, then choose “Select below” (or any other type we aren’t currently using and leave it blank) it continues to save an entry for ITM “Text”. In other words, I have to go in on the backend and manually delete the contents of what’s in “text” from omeka_element_texts (where element_id = 1).

Am I missing something or is this normal behavior for Omeka?

So you’re saying you change the Item Type to another type (or no type), and the type doesn’t change? The dropdown is just set back to what it used to be? That’s not expected.

Right. So if I add Item Type Metadata, choose “Text” and use HTML, then type some text in and save, then go back to edit the item and remove that info - deleting the title, unchecking HTML box, and just choosing “Select below” then save, it doesn’t actually delete the content. Even if it appears to have deleted the content in the admin panel, the public page still shows it, as does the database itself.

Do you have a custom show page on the public side?

I think I know what’s happening here. What happens if you make your change in two separate steps? Meaning: first, delete the content in the Title input box, then save right then. Then, go back and switch the type to “select below” and save.

So, that doesn’t work either, but I did discover something else. If I delete the text from the field and then un-check the HTML box in the first step, it sometimes actually still leaves the content in the box (the text is formatted with a heading and center aligned, so it gets rid of the text but still leaves in the h2 tags with center alignment). Meaning that, if I get rid of the Text in the Item Type Metadata, it still shows up as extra space on the show.php, because there are still HTML Tags in there.

Does that make sense? In other words, it’s not just plain text in the Text box under ITM, it’s text that has been formatted using the HTML option. When I delete the text in Text, and then un-check the HTML option, the non-HTML text field shows me HTML tags, e.g., h2 center aligned etc.

OK, I revise my statement a little bit: it does work in two steps, but not if done all at once. First I have to totally get rid of everything out of the text field, delete all the HTML / uncheck the box, save, then go back in and change to “Select below” - then it works.