Item two overlay views

I am using a custom theme by Penn State called Flow and noticed that when viewing files, there are two overlays that pop up, and the URL changes. For example, when viewing this image,, under IMAGES, if you click the image, two overlays occur, and the URL changes to I believe one of these are being triggered by Omeka, and another by the theme? The overlay I do not want appears to be call <!-- PhotoSwipe -->, but I am not sure where the option to change this is in the admin settings.

When viewing the same theme on Penn State’s implementation of the theme, the double overlay does not occur and PhotoSwipe does not appear in the HTML (eg clicking an item in I’m sure this is something simple, but I’m at a loss!

Some further contextualization: Flow is built with CurateScape which uses PowerSwipe. However, I do not see powerswipe come up on Penn State’s iteration of the theme.

Given this, it might be a more appropriate question for the curatescape community… but if anyone has any thoughts, please let me know!

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