Item Show based on Item Set

I need to customize show.phtml to display different properties based on item sets to whom the item belongs.
I’m trying to use $item->itemSets() objects without a clear view of what is the best way to proceed.
Can anyone suggests me a solution or give me a link to docs for developer where I can find in formation on how to use these objects and the releated properties and methods?
Thanks a lot!

Sorry, for some reason I didn’t see the Core Documentation!
This should be the right place:
Anyway, if someone want to suggest me a good way to select properties based on item sets of an item, that will be very much welcome!

In theme files, you don’t manage Entity objects but Representation objects.

ItemRepresentation::itemSets() return an array of ItemSetRepresentation objects. If you want to filter according to item set name, you have to use ItemSetRepresentation::displayTitle() in your condition.

$itemSets = $item->itemSets();
$itemSetNames = array_map($itemSets, function($set){ return $set->displayTitle(); } );
if (in_array("My item set", $itemSetNames))
  echo $item->displayTitle();

Note I haven’t tried this code, I’m not sure about array_map() syntax.

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