Item Sets vs IsPartOf for Collections

I’ve seen a post or two on here about how to handle collections of items, and it seems like the answer has basically been do what works for you. I’m curious as to what has worked for people and why. We’re just getting started and I am trying to figure out the best way to handle this long term so we don’t have to redo it. Initial thoughts are to put bigger broad collections of items as Item Sets and leave IsPartOf for those smaller multi-piece artifacts that we have to catalog. Any thoughts on your experiences would be appreciated. Thanks!

A few points to consider:

  • When you build out sites, how do you want front-end users to interact with this information (if at all)? IsPartOf and Item Set display in different areas, and can be interacted with differently.
  • What makes sense in terms of how you, on the backend, want to deal with this information. Is it organizational in a way that makes more sense as an ItemSet? Or is more easily managed through IsPartOf (maybe with the Metadata Browse module installed)?

Thank you for the info. I think we’re going to use Item Sets more like large collections and then IsPartOf for more things that contain multiple parts we want to catalog individually. It provides a sort of granularity without getting excessive with item sets. I appreciate the feedback!

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