Item-sets visible hierarchy while browsing

Hello everyone,

I’m currently in the midst of moving our library from Omeka Classic to Omeka S.
The Omeka Classic plug-in Collection Tree was able to create a hierarchy. I’ve integrated to our Omeka S library the equivalent Item Sets Tree .
However, they are limited in scope. So we also did have a plug-in called ColSort to organize the access of Collections on the collections/browse page so that you only have the parent collections, and when you access a collection you see their children, and when showing an item the whole branch of collections would show (that must have been created in the theme).
Here is the digital library (on Omeka Classic) to give you an idea : Collections · NuBIS

My question then is : Is there a specific way with S to reproduce this appearance and ease the browsing of items and item-sets? is there a theme that can adapt to the Item Sets Tree module, maybe integrate breadcrumbs ? The module Next for example integrates breadcrumbs but doesn’t integrate a possible combination with the item sets tree.

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