Item Sets Tree, mapping parent of item set with CSV import

I would like to add a batch of Item Sets at once. I can add them in a batch through CSV Import. I use Item Sets Tree and would like to establish a parent Item Set for items in the batch. I did not know if there was a mapping field (like I could map an item to an Item Set using o:item_set, which doesn’t work for setting a parent of another item set). I can individually edit Item Sets and add a parent, but this option is also not available in the bulk editing features. With my privileges, I can’t see how the parent relationship is stored in the back-end database and don’t know if there are any mappings to allow one to enter it through a CSV import.

With something like this that’s added by a module, it’s generally a situation where the module can make a mapping available for CSV Import.

It doesn’t look to me like that’s currently the case for this module. You could check with the module’s developer to see if such functionality is planned or desired or could be sponsored or contributed if someone was interested.

Thanks! I submitted the suggestion on the creator’s GitHub page.

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