Item Set page image viewer

I have a single record of a work of art as an item set and multiple images of it are items/media I would like displayed in a Mirador viewer on the Item Set page.
It looks like Mirador is configured to open to a default index selection layout (the list you see when you choose “replace image” in the viewer) where I would like it to open to ImageView (with the thumbnail scroll at the bottom of the viewer). And this is on the Item Set page, not the Item page. Where can I change this setting?

I’m going to try to see if I can get the same relational setup with items and media, but when I tried it before it gave me some difficulties. I’m also wondering if I can embed html in the manifest which will show in the viewer. I want different logos shown for different images in the viewer. I understand there is one logo for the IIIF server - can I shut that off and upload an image URL in the image csv which will then display a logo in the manifest?

After creation of the manifest, the iiif server triggers event iiifserver.manifest that you can use in another module to replace the logo. Note that in some case, it’s simpler to save all manifests as file and to load them directly via a property (and in that case you don’t need iiifserver).
For the opening, i think there is a json config for that, so ask on the mirador site. The json config can be set in the settings of iiif server for the item set page.