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I’m having difficulty configuring the Item Relations Plugin. According to the documentation, once it is installed I should be able to click on the plugin link in the left menu, and see the 4 pre-packaged and any custom relationship vocabularies, as well as add custom vocabularies of my own. However, where there should be a table of vocabularies, there is a blank table, and no options to add custom vocab. Is there another plugin that is required for this one to work? Or is there another configuration step that I’m missing? Thank you,


You just see a blank table, no error messages? What versions of Omeka Classic and the plugin are you using?

That’s correct. We are using Omeka Classic 2.7, and Item Relations version 2.1.

This is what I see when I go to Item Relations in the left menu:

According to the user manual:

On the “Item Relations” tab in the left side of the admin navigation you will find the vocabularies available and their properties (a more general term for relations).

If you wish to create your own vocabulary, edit the “Custom” vocabulary by clicking on “Edit Custom Vocabulary” in its property show page. Here you can add, edit, and delete properties in your custom vocabulary.

Yes, you should be seeing something like this:

Did you get any errors when installing the plugin?

You might try uninstalling and reinstalling Item Relations. This looks like the vocabularies that are supposed to be installed weren’t for some reason, and uninstalling/reinstalling could be a quick fix for that issue.

I did not get any error messages during installation, and un-installing and re-installing did not fix the problem either.

I briefly perused the PHP files and found where the formal vocabularies are all defined, but my PHP is rusty and I wasn’t able to trace through the files and functions to figure out why they are not displaying.

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