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Hello! I’ve been working working with Omeka S for a couple of years, and the experience has been great!

I was used to work with Filemaker and the Relations were set through tables, connecting IDs amongst them.

I was wondering: when I instruct Omeka S to apply a batch operation - Edit Selected - I can add a resource value into any Property I want, thus relating Itens amongst themselves.

For me it would be so much easier if I could do it directly into a file (like a CSV / Excel), and import it (or even drop it into CPanel).

For that I would need to know (without going to the address bar) all the Resource’s IDs and also how to proceed and relate them into the Properties I want.

The recent Module - Export CSV - although still very rudimentar (but a win nonetheless) - allows me to understand that the Relations are there: all distributed in columns one next to the other.

How could I work this outside Omeka S and then import this data?

Thank you!

When you have the internal IDs, you can already do that kind of relation with the CSV Import module. The trouble is typically getting the IDs, with options including simple stuff like looking at the address bar as you say, or using the API which includes the item IDs in its output.

We’re also looking at adding a feature to make those kinds of linkages by looking up arbitrary data: so you could, for example, include a Dublin Core Identifier of your own on the data you create, then reference that Identifier to make a linkage with another item/row. Right now, though, the importer only supports making those links with internal IDs.

This would be awesome.
Any update on this feature?

The issue for this feature is

There’s been some commentary and contributions from the community aimed at providing this feature, but my basic feeling is that they don’t quite implement things the way we would like to.

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