Item Pools No Longer in Application?

Totally new to OmekaS- so sorry! (we are on Omeka S 3.01)
I have been reviewing some excellent tutorials on Omeka S- but one thing puzzles me. Many tutorials reference “Items Pools” on the Resources heading.

We only see “Items” and “Items Sets” tab. I understand the Items Sets tab, but on the “Items” tab, when adding a new Item Set to my site, which one do I pick from below? I assume “Add” , the flow is then:

-List item
-“Add”, then
Do nothing
Add - keep existing items and assign items from a new search query
Replace - unassign all items and assign items from a new search query
Remove - unassign items from a new search query
Remove all - unassign all items
-Search query by Item Set (choose proper one for site)


Initially, Omeka S used a “pool” system for items in sites: basically this was like a saved search for which items should appear on the site.

Omeka S version 3 changed this system to one where items are individually assigned to sites. So, on each item when you’re creating or editing it, there’s a Sites tab where you can choose what sites it should appear in. The prior “item pool” interface under Resources within a site was changed to the “Items” tab you’re seeing now, which is used to make bulk changes to the set of items assigned to the site.

What you describe here, where you choose Add and select a set, will assign all the items belonging to that set to the site, if they weren’t already assigned.

One thing to think about is whether you need to use an item set for this purpose or not: in previous versions, using a set was the easiest way to pick and choose which particular items you wanted to be in a particular site, while version 3 gives you direct control over that assignment.

OK, thanks, that is helpful. In our case, we may be using sideload or csv to import large groups of items, which would seem to point to using an item set.

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