Item page showing /original file for some items, not /fullsize file

Hi Folks,

This item is displaying the /original (TIF) file for the item, instead of the converted /fullsize jpg image

this only seems to be happening periodically, i.e. this item is correctly showing the /fullsize image on the item page:

Any explanation for this?

This seems like something that would be in the custom show code for your theme.

Both items are actually showing the “fullsize” image, not the original (that is, the <img> tags on both pages point to the fullsize derivative .jpg image). What’s different between the two is that the link for the TIF image is to the original, while the link for your other example is to the fullsize, rather than the jpg.

Omeka’s standard theme code is pretty uniform in linking to “original” files from those thumbnails on item show pages, so that’s why I’m assuming the issue lies in something that’s been customized.

Thanks very much John, will investigate with the custom code developer.