Item browse showing only 1 item per page

I thought I had some other, weirder problem where items were simply not shown by Omeka or somehow not recognized but I think this is even stranger than I thought.

Our collection has 1858 items but clicking Items in the admin page you’re shown a single item. The public page shows all 15 as set in the appearance settings. Doing an advanced search for item IDs of 200-400 shows almost 200 items but still only shows the single item on each results page. The Next and Previous page arrows above show there were 124 pages, but only 1 item shown at a time. I checked the Thanks, Roy appearance settings to see what was set there and the max items per page was 15. I changed this to 10 and suddenly that page counter shows 186 pages but still only shows a single item. Has anyone encountered something like this? If I change max items per page to 1 it shows all 1858 pages, but of course that’s kind of useless.

I just finished properly upgrading from 2.7.1 to 2.8 following an upgrade that was probably not done properly (2.6 to 2.7 probably) but functioned. This upgrade didn’t ask for a database upgrade. This is self hosted on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, I can fetch the LAMP etc. versions if that helps

EDIT: I should have listed the page:

Try turning on error message display.

When you see just 1 entry when there should be more, that’s often a sign that what’s actually happening is that there’s been an error right after the first entry. When this happens you would also be able to see that things that should appear below the items, like the footer of the page, don’t get displayed either.

One thing we see somewhat often when people have moved between servers and things like that for upgrades is an XML-related error that traces back to them not having the php-xml package installed. If this is an error, then turning on the messages and seeing the specific error reported should help. (Errors of this kind are also probably being logged by either PHP or Apache in your system logs.)

Fantastic, that was it! Error showed unknown class and listed paths showing XML files. Installed that package and rebooted and all is back.

Thank you so much!

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