Issues with upgrading to Omeka S 4.0

After upgrading to Omeka S 4.0 we have a few issues. Two major issues are that the html edit menu has disappeared from the page editor and the navigation page never loads. Does anyone have an idea of what can fix these problems or what I should do to troubleshoot?

On Navigation, can you check your browser’s Javascript console for errors? This is accessible as “developer tools” on most browsers, and often with the key combination Ctrl-Shift-I (or Command-Shift-I for Macs), which will have a “Console” tab listing any errors that occurred on the current page. That should help show what’s happening here.

The HTML edit menu, I’m not sure quite what you’re describing there. Another screenshot (even just pointing to where something should be) or a more detailed description of the problem would help there, I think.