Issue with VRA Core Plugin & Batch Uploading with CSV Import

Hello all,

I was hoping someone could clarify the ‘rules’ for the VRA Core Plugin when mapping elements to VRA Core. When uploading my csv via CSV Import, I would like to map some of my CSV columns to VRA Core sub-elements but am not seeing the option. The option to enter VRA Core sub-elements only appears if I am adding an individual item.

Is this just the case of the using the CSV Import with the VRA Core plug-in? It would be nice to not have to individually add 1,000 records of artwork metadata to use VRA sub-elements.

I appreciate any help or advice on alternative solutions. Thank you!

I don’t know of any connectors between VRA Core and the CSV Import. It may be technically difficult to figure out because of the subelements.

@mebrett’s insight is spot on. At the very ‘top’ level, VRA Core uses Omeka’s core element set system, which CSV Import knows about and can use the usual mappings, just like you would do with Dublin Core. However, that same core element set system doesn’t do subelements, so those are stored separately by the VRA Core plugin. CSV Import doesn’t know about those.

Thus, sorry to say, there’s not an automatic way to import CSV data into the subelements.

Ah, understood. Unfortunate, but I very much appreciate the prompt explanations!

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