Issue with Geek Code on the Front end

We are trying to keep geek code and general metadata from displaying on the front end of our site.
I’ve included a pic for context.

Any hints?

There’s a module Hide Properties that lets you easily choose properties to remove from the public pages.

I think that’s what you’re looking for here?

We’ll give it a try!

Is there any way to just show the alternative labels? The Hide Properties module works great, but it would be nice to just show the alternative labels and hide everything else.

I don’t quite understand what it is you want to do. Just the labels?

Here’s how the data is showing up on our front end.
We were looking to have it appear more clean.

What I can’t quite tell from that image is: is anything in there actual values? You have what seems to be a bunch of labels there but no values (unless these are just “example” values). Normally without a value we don’t display the label for a property at all. Also, normally we already just display the alternative label if there is one; it’s not normal for both that and the original to appear.

Does it look like this in all themes, or just this one? Maybe this is the result of some custom theme work or other change?

I guess what we’re after is a way to have the data show without “Title” or “Medium”
I just spoke to our admin and we aren’t using a custom theme persay. We’ve just edited the default theme.

What I’m wondering is: did you maybe edit the theme in such a way that it’s causing what you’re seeing?

The normal behavior of setting an alternate label is that it replaces the regular label when we display the values, which is why I’m suggesting maybe your theme changes are causing this duplication. Also, I’m still curious about how actual values are displayed here: are there values cut off on the right of this screenshot, or something like that? Because I don’t seem to see any values there, which is odd by itself.

Another option that may clear things up, if your site is publicly accessible, you could share a link to an item. It may be easier to tell what’s happening by looking at a complete page.

First of all, I want to apologize for the confusion!
I feel like I haven’t presented this issue very well.
Here’s a link to an Item on our site -> Click Here
Please take a look!

OK, so, what I see at that link looks basically like your first screenshot in this thread: I’m seeing the normal, standard labels for properties only, and then the values underneath each one.

I don’t see anything that looks like your later screenshots, though maybe they’re coming from somewhere else?

So my question is: are you using the “Alternative label” feature of the resource templates, or not? If you do have an alternate label set for a property in a template, that alternate label would be appearing here instead of the standard one. Keep in mind, the alternate labels, like all template settings, only are applied when you actually select that template for use on the item (so, a template needs to be selected for all your public items to change the labels for all of them).

Hey John!

Thank you for your help thus far!
Sorry for the late response.
Can you direct me to where the alternative label feature would be??
I’ve been looking through our resource templates and I’m sure it could be where our issue is.

You’ll want to review the edit mode property options in your resource template:

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