Issue displaying gif hosted on Imgur

I was originally creating an exhibit on our older server using Omeka 2.4.1, and recently imported it using the API import with no issues to a newer server using Omeka 2.6. In the original site, I was able to display a gif I’d created by entering the < img src > tag into the HTML in the description on the exhibit summary page. I’ve tried doing the same thing on the newer site, and when I initially enter in the code, the gif displays in the description box as it did on the old site, but when I go to save the page, it disappears and when I check the source code of the description box, my < img > tag is gone. What is creating this issue and is there a way I can fix it?

At some point you probably changed the HTML filtering settings on your old site, or disabled them completely. They’re likely still active on your new site, which is why it’s stripping the img tag (which is not in the list of default allowed tags)

Thank you! That’s exactly what the issue was. I checked the old site settings and it looks like we disabled the filtering so I changed that on the new site and no issue with the gif displaying now!