Is Omeka S suitable for multiple separated databases?

We have installed Omeka S (version 3.2.0-alpha) and want now to use it for several independent database projects. For example, one database is about sport athletes and the other one about literature with no connection between those. I thought that different “sites” in Omeka S will do that. Now, I tried to add more special users, which should only have access to the objects of one of this site/database. Is this possible? My current test shows that all users can see all other users, which is with respect to privacy not so great. Moreover, every user sees all objects which would get quite confusing for them, as they only want to see “their” objects and work on them. All resource templates show up for all users etc. Can Omeka S been used for multiple databases which are separated/capsuled w.r.t. users, objects etc. as much as possible? How? (We use OJS to run several separated open access journals and I wanted to do something similar with Omeka S.)

Any answer or comment to my question would be very much appreciated as we need to make at some point a decision either to install Omeka S or several Omeka Classic installations. Ping @jflatnes

All users in an Omeka S installation can see all items. Depending on their permissions they may or may not be able to edit those items.

Additionally, individual users are added to sites so that they only have access to work on the site to which they are attached.

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