Is it possible to organize Omeka media storage in a hierarchical way?

Hi everybody.

We see Omeka S stores all media files in a single directory (files/original) in a flat way, with no subdirectory structure. When the number of files increases, this can become less and less efficient. Even listing the directory is not so pratical…
Is there a way to force Omeka S to build a hierarchical, tree style structure, which would be more manageable and efficient ? This would even simplify the administration of the disk storage, allowing the extension of disk space…

Thank you in advance.
Best regards.

There’s no configuration settings or anything that will do that, but it can be done.

First off, the “storage” component is modular, so a pretty simple Omeka S module could be written that just replaces the default, flat “Local” storage method with one that is more split up (based on, for example, creating subdirectories for the first X characters in the filename). The existing Local storage already includes support for automatically creating any necessary subdirectories when saving a file, so altering/extending it to do this should be pretty easy.

The caveat with this: it’s going to be something you’d turn on before storing anything, or else you’d have to do a process yourself outside of Omeka to move any existing files into their proper “deeper” locations.

Thank you so much.
We will analyse the opportunity to create the subdirectories in the existing Local storage before storing all the data.