Is it possible to have multiple timelines with different interval unit settings?


I’m using Neatline Time plugin to show timelines, and created a file in my customised theme ([my theme’s folder]/neatline-time/javascripts/neatline-time-scripts.js, copied from the NeatlineTime’s code) to set the interval unit values, but the setting applies to all the timelines in a site, so if it’s set to decade-year then all the timelines in the same site will be displayed in decade-year.

I wonder if there is a way to allow timelines in same site having different interval unit settings, so, say, one timeline can show decade-year, another can be year-month.

Many thanks for your help!


Yes, you can! I just updated the plugin to manage parameters at timeline level, and added various improvements. See and the updated readme. It will be probably merged upstream.

Will uninstalling the plugin to upgrade it delete my existing timelines?

You don’t need to uninstall the plugin, just replace the folder with the new one and go to admin/plugins, then click upgrade. Note that when you download a plugin from github, you have to rename it to “NeatlineTime”, like the official one. Uninstalling will erase the metadata and the query of all timelines.

The upgrade is automatic, but in all cases it’s recommended to backup your metadata regularly, at least the table “neatline_time_timelines”. Anyway, the metadata and the query may not be hard to rewrite.

The process is automatic with NeatlineTime 2.2.4 (current master). Note that you need to upgrade first to NeatlineTime 2.1.0 (current official release) and to Omeka 2.2.2 or to the current version.

Hi, Daniel_KM,

Thank you very much for your advice, and sorry for my late reply! I’m not working on the project any more and hasn’t had time to try this. I’ll pass your advice to my colleagues.

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