Integration with WorldCat

For our small museum library we’re planning on using Omeka S to manage and expose our catalog.

We would like this catalog to be searchable via as well.

It looks like the OaiPmhRepository module and the WorldCat Digital Collection Gateway should be a good start - though I’m sure there will be some customizations needed to make things actually work :wink: . Is there anyone here who can share any experience in this area?


It’s been a while, but that doesn’t mean nothing has happened: I have since been in touch with OCLC and found out that I was on the wrong path with the OAI-PMH “Digital Collection Gateway” integration. For ‘first-class’ collections and holdings synchronization you need a subscription with OCLC that involves some one-time and some recurring fees.

The actual sync is then performed through a MARC21/MARCXML export, and subsequently a re-import of the assigned OCLC identifiers. There are some mappings to ‘crosswalk’ between Bibliographic Ontology and MARC, but I’m sure for the best results there will be some work to do here.

Also, it is a prerequisite for the onboarding process that you already have most of your catalog properly exported to MARC.

Since our cataloging endeavor is still ongoing (we’re at about 20% of our ~1300-item catalog), we have put the WorldCat integration project on hold for now. Once the cataloging is further along and we have some more resources to allocate towards this we will definitely revisit the subject, and if anyone has anything interesting to share in this thread I would still greatly appreciate it :slight_smile: .


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