Install Issue: Zipped Files? Error Message

Per the Omeka Classic installation instructions, I bought a new account at, thinking that it offered one-click installation of Omeka (as stated in the Omeka instructions, FYI). Unfortunately, they do NOT offer one-click installation.

Yesterday, I successfully uploaded a zip file of the Omega folder (two separate times, rewriting one folder over the other), but on each attempt, I was not able to successfully open all of the files from the zipped folder. Per the instructions, I edited the db.ini file in the Omeka directory.

Unfortunately, I do not know why this happened, nor do I know which files did not got go through, as it seems the bulk of them DID open/transfer and the error message I received from DreamHost’s File Manager did not give any specifics as to which files did not open (from the zip file).

I did get the following error message when I opened

Omeka has encountered an error


Unable to resolve plugin “config”; no corresponding plugin with that name/

The rest of the error message can be found at the racespacememory link mentioned above; I am not allowed to include more than 2 links in this post.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks!

If you go to the directory plugins in your installation, what is listed there?