Install Issue: Zipped Files? Error Message

Per the Omeka Classic installation instructions, I bought a new account at, thinking that it offered one-click installation of Omeka (as stated in the Omeka instructions, FYI). Unfortunately, they do NOT offer one-click installation.

Yesterday, I successfully uploaded a zip file of the Omega folder (two separate times, rewriting one folder over the other), but on each attempt, I was not able to successfully open all of the files from the zipped folder. Per the instructions, I edited the db.ini file in the Omeka directory.

Unfortunately, I do not know why this happened, nor do I know which files did not got go through, as it seems the bulk of them DID open/transfer and the error message I received from DreamHost’s File Manager did not give any specifics as to which files did not open (from the zip file).

I did get the following error message when I opened

Omeka has encountered an error


Unable to resolve plugin “config”; no corresponding plugin with that name/

The rest of the error message can be found at the racespacememory link mentioned above; I am not allowed to include more than 2 links in this post.

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this issue? Thanks!

If you go to the directory plugins in your installation, what is listed there?

Sorry for my delayed reply …

Are the plugins listed…

I’m not sure what has happened in the interim, but the link in your original post now points to a WordPress page.

Just double checking that the only things in the directory “plugins” in your Omeka site as access via file manager are those three directories?

Yes, just the plug-ins. I’m trying to do this on another site, but using the same hosting company (DreamHost).

Are you having the same error on your other Omeka site?
Do you have a fresh link to the page where you were having the error?

I just checked and everything is working now – not sure what this was. Everything seems to be up and running!

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