Inserting New Navigation Button

I am just going to admit, I selected Omeka S, but I’m not 100% positive which version of Omeka I am using.
I have an Omeka Install on Reclaim Hosting called Preserve the Baltimore Uprising,

My project partners at the Maryland Historical Society hired a developer to make the site more attractive, so it was redesigned by someone who hasn’t answered emails in about a year.

I am trying to install a navigation button that will take people to a separate website for teachers.

I can walk through all of the steps to install the navigation button, and I seem to do so successfully and save it, but no button appears on the website. It seems likely that this has to do with the site design and I’m not nearly knowledgeable enough to figure out how to even identify the problem let alone fix it.

Any advice??

Hi Denise.
You’re actually using Omeka Classic, and I imagine that the custom theme isn’t actually use navigation that is built by Omeka. It’s probably all hand-coded in the theme. So, you’d have to look at the theme files to add the new element to the main navigation.

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