Inserting inline images within pages

Dear forum members.

We are using the excellent Omeka S platform and are busy getting going with creating pages. One of the things we just can’t work out is how to insert images inline within/between paragraph blocks, as you would with a ‘classic’ content management system. We could achieve the effect we desire by editing the HTML source code, but this will not suit all of our users and it would be much more preferable to have a button on the TinyMCE style page editing toolbar that would allow a user to insert an image.

Should this be submitted as a development request, or is there already a way to accomplish our desire?

If you want something that looks like this:

You want to create a media block and place it above an HTML block:

Is that more or less what you were looking to do?

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Hi mebrett,

I had tried the media block, but it didn’t seem to work like your example when I tried. Just tried again and it works!

Big thanks :slight_smile: