Increase "Description" wording in public display

Although entire “description” metadata of an item can be seen on the item pages, how can we increase “Description” display in recent/featured items and on browse/search result page. By default only one or two lines are displayed while the rest of the text is replaced by ellipses (’…’). I intent to increase so that more text of “description” is displayed to public.

This might vary a bit by the theme you are using, but generally you’ll want to check the items/browse.php file in your theme. If that file doesn’t exist, follow the tutorial on overriding default theme files.

In that file, you’ll look for a line like this:

<?php if ($description = metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Description'), array('snippet'=>250))): ?>

It’s the ‘snippet’ that truncates the text. You just need to remove that part of the array (or if that’s the only thing in the array, you can delete it altogether) to get the entire description. If you want a longer snippet, just increase the value to taste.