Importing large number of media files residing on another server

I am new to Omeka, and Omeka S, and my institution is as well. I see a couple relevant topics, but I would like to see what are the best practices with regard to bulk ingestion of media, without moving the media into OmekaS.

We have a large number of images on another server (over 8,800). We would like to create a site in Omeka S for these, without importing the images themselves into Omeka, rather referring to their already existing location. However, we do want to show the images in OmekaS.

I am thinking an export from our service into a CSV file, with the URL in the Item Media URI field. Can this be done in bulk?

I was also able to do this using an import from Zotero, but not sure how that might work for bulk work.

Anyway, would appreciate any tips, etc… that you may use for this type of work.

Disregard my note above about being able to do this with Zotero- this did add the images to our local instance.
So, my question stands!:slight_smile:

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