Images and text in XML

I have a very long file (a book) that I am exhibiting in Omeka here as a collection:

It is currently a collection with 183 images and one long text file here (the link to which BTW is essentially buried down at the bottom of the metadata page here:

I built this years ago with TEIBoilerplate because at the time that’s all there was. I wanted to keep my .xml file intact. At that time I also created links to the images that no longer show up (i think the names of the images were changed in the database at some point). . . ?

My question is basically that this way of “exhibiting” this book is very clunky (and now broken) – has Omeka come up with any solutions I could use?

On the old URLs, the only difference is that the former “archive” folder is now called “files”: you could solve that with a find-replace on the file or with a simple redirect on the server.

I’m not terribly well-versed with TEI to offer advice on that front.

Thanks. I can give that a try – also, if there is a solution in HTML, I can easily convert the XML . . . is there one?

The “blessed” Omeka solutions for embedding content like images in some piece of text in HTML are the Exhibit Builder, where you have to break things apart into blocks, and Simple Pages, where you could use shortcodes (probably the file shortcode specifically) to embed the images.

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