ImageMagick refresh?

We had a problem with our ImageMagick generating thumbnails for new uploads. That was resolved; but now there are several items that were already uploaded before the fix that don’t have a thumbnail…is there a way to do a refresh of sorts, or some way to go back and get a thumbnail for those items without deleting them and re-uploading them?

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The Derivative Images plugin (re)creates thumbnails and other derivative images for already-uploaded files.

We’ve tried it a few times, and that plugin doesn’t seem to do anything. It doesn’t even register on the log that anything is happening. Are we missing something? Is there another step after processing the files?

Can you share how you resolved the ImageMagick problem? I have recently run into this same issue. (And DerivativeImages didn’t seem to do anything for me, either.)


We had updated our server and had to reinstall ImageMagick. Once it was installed, we didn’t have any issues out of it. It was the things I had uploaded after the server update, before I realized we no longer had ImageMagick, that were missing the thumbnail. I had hoped the Derivative Images plugin would go back and give me one for them, but no such luck. I ended up having to go to each individual item, delete the file, and then reupload it.