Image Thumbnail Errors & Upload Crashing

In part this problem seems similar to what Caosborne has been experiencing. Recently I decided to reorganize the way our photo database was structured. Previously I had collections, and then anywhere between 15-60 image files separately uploaded as unique items. This was incredibly time consuming and I felt the batch upload was both more efficient and centralized the images under the “items” admin tab in a way more user friendly.

So I deleted one by one about 200 individual images. Then began batch uploading (not dropbox, just by adding more files to an item upload), and by the fifth collection I run into the default blank thumbnail for collection number 5.

(Haydite Bridges) The thumbnail for the collection does not show up, nor the thumbnails for the 8 batch uploaded items within the collection. I can delete both collection and items, and redo it only to produce the same results. I can move onto a new collection, only to produce the same results. I can open Photoshop and save everything as a different name or type, and the same results.

Worse still, when I try to upload more than 8 images per batch, everything freezes up and I’m given an error very similar to Caosborne. I have tried to break up massive uploads of 80+ images into sets of ten to no avail. I’m beginning to regret my reorganization effort, and a little panicked that I might have spoiled a good experiment forever.

The difference between my thread and the other is that I’m not sure how to do the derivative image plugin, or if it’s relevant, or how to fetch the logs.

An update:

My hosting service looked into this and found that for some reason the ImageMagik code or some process relating to it was disabled within the config file. He re-enabled it. However he noted what needed to happen next was a refresh of all image files. I’ve followed along in various threads where discussion of the derivative image plugin is mentioned and it seems most relevant.

On one hand, I don’t want to do the wrong thing–so I’d like to know how I can refresh the thumbnails using that plugin. On the other, I know I cannot afford to keep deleting and uploading these images as it began to take a strain on my hosting service, my virtual memory usage is at about 80% and I’m 4 away from hitting my limit of processes afforded by InMotion.

Additionally he wanted to know if Omeka has a caching mechanism, as do I.


Derivative Images will let you reprocess files on your items to produce new derivative images (thumbnails), so that should work to help you refresh the image files.

Is there something I’m doing wrong, after installing the plugin and running the page refeshes with a generic Omeka error. Nothing is done.

If you turn on error reporting and logging what output do you get?

What settings are you running the plugin with? Do you get the error no matter what options you select?

Oh boy

It fails on all settings.

I guess I’m curious with so many memory errors–if this is server side. I just upgraded my service the other day, I’ve never had any problems. Until I decided to delete all my pictures and reupload in a different pattern. I’ll try calling inmotion again. This is just nuts and my boss is beginning to become agitated

At least some of those errors are that Omeka cannot find PHP’s command line command, which could explain why this happened after the service upgrade. You’ll want to ask them where PHP’s CLI is, and put that in the setting for it in the config.ini file.

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Finally got everything sorted. It turned out to be a few things:

  1. On my server side, I was maxing out on processes which was causing huge slow downs on both of my domains. Omeka wise this was acting as a wall, essentially blocking any uploads from taking place larger than 2-3 images at a time.

  2. The cause of that blockage were processes from 5 days ago still running in the background, such as uploads and metadata overhauls.

  3. The command line issue.

Thanks to you folks, and to the lovely folks at InMotion I can get back to work. We’ve got about 12k more images to upload and I hope to put together something like Cleveland Historical someday using Omeka.