Image loading painfully slow in Universal Viewer, even with OpenZoom Layers enabled - how to fix?

Good afternoon,
I’m trying to load a file, which started out at 38 MB, and then I tried 9 MB, but they are both extremely slow to load in Universal Viewer. I tried enabling OpenZoom Layers hoping that the tile system would help, but it didn’t. Can anyone recommend what else I can do to make images load faster, at a reasonable time?

Note: I was just informed that there are some errors in the console that I do not fully understand: for instance:
“The IIIF server encountered an unexpected error that prevented it from fulfilling the request: the resulting file is empty or not found.
Warning : imagecreatetruecolor(): Invalid image dimensions”


Warning* : imagedestroy() expects parameter 1 to be resource, bool given in

Do these errors ring a bell for anyone?

Not a debugging solution but an alternative that you might consider:
I had the same thought as you last time when using Universal Viewer (UV) with OpenLayers Zoom. Somehow I had a problem getting OpenLayers Zoom working with UV.
Our Universal Viewer works fine now without OpenLayers Zoom for with images up to 10MB (per image) but it wouldn’t load for anything larger than that.

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