IIIFServer: How to change the links in manfest, not to the default site

I have a question about the Module IIIF server that generates the IIIF manifest.

The following scenario is the case: I have an Omeka S installation with different sites (A / B / C). The items are linked to each other, as an Omeka resource. When I open an item on site B or C with an IIIF viewer (e.g. universalviewer), the generated link inside the manifest is always to the item under site A (the default site)
I looked in the code, by defaultf it always assumes the default site when creating the links, but never the actual site. Is it somehow possible to change this behavior, e.g. via a setting on the site itself?

Thanks for help

I just found this topic that describes exactly my problem as well.:

But the fix is not generic.