IiifServer Crashes Application

Hello, I am using Omeka S 212. I have Universal Viewer installed but it was not working correctly. It appears that I need the IiifServer to get the Universal Viewer module to function. When I go to install it, it crashes the application with a 500 error.

Log file says:
Next Doctrine\ORM\Query\QueryException: [Syntax Error] line 0, col 7: Error: Expected IdentificationVariable | ScalarExpression | AggregateExpression | FunctionDeclaration | PartialObjectExpression | "(" Subselect ")" | CaseExpression, got 'Omeka\Entity\SitePageBlock' in

I added the " AllowEncodedSlashes NoDecode line to my host file and get the 500 still. File permissions are intact and this seems to be the only module causing problems.

Am I missing a step or is there a better way to install the IiifServer Module? Thanks in advance, all help is appreciated.

The trace you originally posted seemed to indicate the involvement of a “Timeline” module.

Thank you for the reply. This is the only error that I am getting. I do have a Timeline module. I will disable it and try again.

Still no luck, any time I active the IiifServer module, it crashes the application. I have deactivated most other modules to see if there was a conflict but it still always crashed. I have all the dependencies required. Is there anything else I should check?

Can you post again the full error message you’re getting, including those traceback lines? Does the error happen right when you install or activate the module, or when you try to do something else afterwards?

This is just general advice though. A better source of information on the IiifServer and UniversalViewer modules would be their author, @Daniel_KM .

I did a lot of fixes and improvements in Omeka v3. Can you upgrade to v3 first ? Or what are your modules that are not yet upgradable?

Hello, Sorry for the late response. The error happens as soon as I click to active the plugin. it goes directly to a white 500 error screen. When I deactivate the plugin in the database, it functions normally. I will post the error again today.

The ldap plugin is mandatory and it doesn’t appear to be regularly maintained. So, that is an obstacle for upgrading. I can try to set it up in a test environment and see if it is something with my setup that is causing the problem.

What is the url of the ldap module ?

It looks like we are using this one by Tim Hollies:

(http://warwick.ac.uk/digitalhumanities) :

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Yes, they recommend to use the BibLibre version, but it is still Omeka v2. Probably upgraded in January.

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