IIIF Toolkit : import items silently fails



I’m new to Omeka and I can’t manage to have the IIIF toolkit plugin working properly.

I’m using Omeka Classic 2.6 along with PHP 7.1 & MySQL 5.7
I installed the IIIF plugin via https://github.com/utlib/IiifItems/

The plugin seems to work properly if I create an item and add an IIIF canvas json code to it via the IIIF Item Metadata tab.
But nothing happens when I try to import IIIF content via the IIIF Toolkit -> Import Items form.
When I submit the form, it brings me to the Status tab but no import is being done.
There’s nothing in the error logs although I enabled them in Omeka as indicated here: https://omeka.org/classic/docs/Troubleshooting/Retrieving_Error_Messages/

I tried also using Omeka 2.3 but I see the same behavior.

If anyone already managed to work with this plugin, I’d be interested to know the configuration details (Omeka, PHP, plugin version…) that you used?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks!


Could you provide an example of the material that you were trying to import?

Most canvas IDs on IIIF manifests are just internal references, not real links that can be reached over HTTP. I would recommend selecting “Canvas” for the type and “From Paste” for the source, and then copy-and-paste the canvas fragment. Here is an example of a fragment that should work:

"@id": "https://media.nga.gov/public/manifests/canvas/52178.json",
"@type": "sc:Canvas",
"label": "Farmhouse in Provence",
"metadata": [
"label": "Date",
"value": "1888"
"description": "Painting",
"height": 334,
"width": 441,
"images": [
"@type": "oa:Annotation",
"motivation": "sc:painting",
"resource": {
"@id": "https://media.nga.gov/iiif/public/objects/5/2/1/7/8/52178-primary-0-nativeres.ptif/full/full/0/default.jpg",
"@type": "dctypes:Image",
"format": "image/jpeg",
"height": 334,
"width": 441,
"service": {
"@context": "http://iiif.io/api/image/2/context.json",
"@id": "https://media.nga.gov/iiif/public/objects/5/2/1/7/8/52178-primary-0-nativeres.ptif",
"profile": "http://iiif.io/api/image/2/level2.json"
"on": "https://media.nga.gov/public/manifests/canvas/52178.json"