IIIF Toolkit couldn't import materials

I want to discuss the IIIF toolkit plugin.

I just installed the Omeka Classic, IIIF toolkit and Neatline plugins on our Linux server.

After then, I tried to import the first IIIF materials and the metadata.
But, I couldn’t import this material, https://www.iiif.ku-orcas.kansai-u.ac.jp/iiif/books/202278115/manifest.json, by any option, that is From File, From URL and From Paste.

I don’t know whether the error occurred by the IIIF Toolkit, my Omeka site or the json file.

There’s at least some minor problem with that server’s SSL/TLS configuration, which will result in issues with PHP being able to connect to that server and download anything. This will cause problems when trying to download the manifest itself, and also when trying to retrieve any images or other resources linked in the manifest, since they’re on the same server.

I’m not 100% certain this is the ultimate cause of your problems (I was able to import using the “From File” option, at least), but it’s a possibility. The issue is something the IT staff or server administrators for that server would have to work out: basically, the server is not correctly sending the “intermediate” security certificate it should be sending.

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