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We’ve been trying to create a site with Iiif resources Omeka S on omeka.net, but not been able to get it to work. Our issue is that Universal Viewer only ever delivers the large thumbnail, no matter what we do, while the browse view of items delivers the zoomable original using open sea dragon with no issue. We think it looks like Omeka isn’t embedding it with correct settings. Anyone else found this, have an idea of what we are doing wrong or -even better - any suggestions for what we can do to fix it? We’re using IIIF Server version, Image Server version and Universal Viewer version

We’re experiencing a similar issue with trying to get IIIF to work on our site. It isn’t limited to Universal Viewer, it looks like any IIIF viewer (including a viewer hosted on an external site) will only load a thumbnail. It also fails to load a pre-tiled Deep Zoom image, and appears to be regenerating the tiles every time the image is requested. The integrated open seadragon viewer works without any issues. Maybe it’s an issue with the IIIF manifest that is being generated? If anyone has a solution they can share, we would appreciate it!

@Daniel_KM is the creator of the modules in question here and could probably speak to any issues better than I can. That being said, I would imagine the problem is either that the wrong manifest (and or Image API info.json) is being used (i.e., one that does not contain the tiling information) or that the manifest is the correct one but is just omitting the tiling for some reason. Or something along those lines.

My understanding is that the OpenSeadragon viewer used for tiled images created by ImageServer doesn’t itself use IIIF, so when that’s working and the IIIF stuff isn’t, the problem should lie somewhere in the manifests.


The module Universal viewer works only with the iiif protocol, so to use it you need :

  • either install the module iiif server (which will create iiif manifest from omeka content in real time), and either use a image server (cantaloupe, iipimage, etc) or the module Image server, that will create the tiles to display dynamically or cached.
  • either use urls of the iiif manifests, and in that case the urls should be set in the property specified in the config of the module Universal Viewer (or Mirador or Diva). This is the full manifest of the document. If you have only the image iiif urls, you need to store it in a media “iiif image” (info.json), but Universal Viewer cannot display it, since it needs manifests.

As a manifest on omeka, you can try any manifest from the site https://collections.maison-salins.fr, for example https://collections.maison-salins.fr/iiif/2/3352/manifest (or for https://collections.maison-salins.fr/iiif/3/3352/manifest manifest v3) and you will see from the mirador viewer (mirador demo) that it works.

So I don’t understand issue on your site.

Has anyone found a solution to this issue?

We’re having the same issue:

  • Omeka S 3.1.1
  • Installed Image Server, IIIF Server, and Universal Viewer modules
  • Already tiled images
  • In-built OpenSeadragon viewer allows deep zooming
  • Universal viewer on our site (and on an external site) only loads the ‘Large’ thumbnail and will not deep zoom

I’ve added a test item record with a ‘hasFormat’ value of one of the manifests suggested by Daniel-KM. On its item page on our site it displays in the UV but does not deep zoom

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I don’t have this issue, do you have an url (in private if you want)?

Thanks for replying

Our Omeka site is at a very, very early stage - we’re just setting up/testing

But here’s an example of an item where the OpenSeadragon viewer will deep zoom but the UV is limited:

And here’s an example of an external IIIF image (from the Wellcome Library) which we’ve included in a test item using hasFormat - this does deep zoom in the UV


which uses the manifest:


Any help would be very much appreciated

It seems that your files are too big to be dynamically tiled. The default size is 10MB, but it can be changed in the config of the module Image Server (but it’s already a big size for a dynamic tiling). Currently, the tiling is not automatic by default, so you have to tile the files first, else the display use the large thumbnail.

The tiles of the files can be set automatic in the config of the module ImageServer.

For existing files that are not tiled, there is a button in the config that allows to tile them.

And if you have very big images or a big number of images, it is recommended to use a specialized image server, like cantaloupe.

Thanks for the information.

I thought the images were already tiled, but I re-tiled the test images.

I also updated the IiifServer module to the latest version.

The deep-zooming is now working for the example: Saltaire Museum · Soup plate · Explore

Thanks very much for your help on this

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