IIF Server (+Universal Viewer): how to change id for route

I see on GitHub that in IIIF Server module one can set to use dcterm:identifier (or another permanent and unique identifier) as id for the route to the manifest.
Can anyone help me to understand where and how this change can be applied and how to corrispondly instructs Universal Viewer to use the right URL for the manifest?

I don’t see this option. What it is?

Universal Viewer can use the iiif manifest provided by the IIIF Server or another one, and in that case, you specify it in a specific property.

To set specific urls, you have the port Daniel-KM/Omeka-S-module-CleanUrl, but it doesn’t rewrite the urls of the manifests for now.

I referred to this:

“By default, ids are the internal ids of Omeka S, but it is recommended to use your own single and permanent identifiers that don’t depend on an internal pointer in a database. The term Dublin Core Identifier is designed for that and a record can have multiple single identifiers.”

that is included in https://omeka.org/s/modules/IiifServer/ doc page.

I’m wondering where or how I can define dcterms:identifier as the id of the manifest for IIF Server …

I believed it was implemented, but not. So for now the iiif manifest uses the internal id, and this is not a good thing…

I love Omeka S and IIIF Server module.
And, I want to use some identifier for iiif manifest url.
Do you have a plan to implement it?
Or, could you tell me some tips how to implement it?

I’m not implementing it in the sort time. You have to :

Ideally, it should be an option in the config form, and should be compatible with the module Clean Url in order to use the same identifiers.